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February 2013 Asian Handicap Result
27/02/13 Middlesbrough vs Chelsea -1/1.5 0-2 win
26/02/13 Tranmere vs Notts County +0/0.5 1-1 win
25/02/13 Lazio vs Pescara -1.5 2-0 win
24/02/13 Swansea City vs Bradford City -1.5 5-0 win
23/02/13 Arsenal vs Aston Villa +1.5/2 2-1 win
22/02/13 Macclesfield vs Gateshead +0.5/1 0-4 win
21/02/13 Liverpool vs Zenit +1 3-1 lose
20/02/13 Southend Utd vs Leyton Orient +0/0.5 2-2 win
19/02/13 Bristol Rovers vs Rotherham +0/0.5 1-2 lose
18/02/13 Lugano vs Aarau -0/0.5 0-2 win
17/02/13 Manchester City vs Leeds Utd +2/2.5 4-0 lose
16/02/13 Derby vs Wolverhampton +0.5 0-0 win
15/02/13 Tranmere vs Shrewsbury +0.5/1 0-2 win
14/02/13 Sparta Praha vs Chelsea -0.5 0-1 win
13/02/13 Real Madrid vs Manchester Utd +1 1-1 win
12/02/13 Brighton vs Blackburn +0.5 1-1 win
11/02/13 Hibernian vs St. Johnstone 0 1-3 lose
10/02/13 Manchester Utd vs Everton -0.5/1 2-0 win
09/02/13 Swansea City vs QPR +0.5/1 4-1 lose
08/02/13 Almeria vs CE Sabadell -0.5/1 5-1 win
06/02/13 Chile vs Egypt -0.5/1 2-1 win
05/02/13 Cheltenham vs Bristol Rovers +0.5 1-1 win
04/02/13 GA Eagles vs SC Veendam +1/1.5 1-1 win
03/02/13 Ajaccio vs Lyon +0/0.5 3-1 win
02/02/13 Leeds Utd vs Cardiff City -0/0.5 0-1 win
01/02/13 Sedan vs Clermont Foot +0/0.5 1-1 win
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