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June 2014 Asian Handicap Result
30/06/14 Utsiktens vs Norrby IF -0.5/1 3-0 win
29/06/14 Costa Rica vs Greece -0/0.5 1-1 win
28/06/14 GIF Sundsvall vs Ostersunds -1 2-0 win
27/06/14 Jaro vs Rovaniemi -0.50 1-1 win
26/06/14 Germany vs USA -1 1-0 win
25/06/14 France vs Ecuador -0.5/1 0-0 win
24/06/14 Cote d Ivoire vs Greece -0.50 1-2 win
23/06/14 Spain vs Australia -1/1.5 3-0 win
22/06/14 Portugal vs USA -0.5/1 2-2 win
21/06/14 Italy vs Costa Rica -1 0-1 win
19/06/14 Uruguay vs England +0.50 2-1 win
18/06/14 Netherlands vs Australia -1.5/2 3-2 win
17/06/14 Russia vs Korea Republic -0.5/1 1-1 win
15/06/14 Syrianska vs Varnamo -0/0.5 2-1 win
14/06/14 Goteborg vs Osters +0/0.5 0-0 win
13/06/14 Varese vs Novara -0.50 2-2 win
12/06/14 Brazil vs Croatia -1.50 3-1 win
11/06/14 Cordoba vs Real Murcia -0/0.5 0-0 win
09/06/14 Valerenga vs Aalesund FK -0.5/1 3-0 win
08/06/14 Lahti vs Vaasa VPS -0.50 1-1 win
07/06/14 Estonia vs Tajikistan -1 2-1 win
06/06/14 Greece vs Bolivia -0.50 2-1 win
05/06/14 LASK Linz vs Parndorf -0.5/1 1-1 win
04/06/14 Algeria vs Romania -0 2-1 win
03/06/14 Mexico vs Bosnia -0/0.5 0-1 win
02/06/14 Costa Rica vs Japan +0.50 1-3 win
01/06/14 Honduras vs Israel -0/0.5 2-4 win
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